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Running OKD with CRC

It has been long time since CRC with an updated OKD bundle was released. Last release was 1.x and not updated since then. During our 2.x development cycle, we made effort on CRC’s side to decouple the bundles from the release artifacts. It allows us to create the bundle independently of the release and upload it to separate location.

Another change we made during 2.x is to add support for presets and from starting we are supporting podman and openshift preset with openshift as default. With the recently released crc 2.7.1 an okd preset was added and users can now use same crc binary to start a OKD cluster.

A “preset” is a set of configuration parameters for the bundle to be used, the assigned memory and CPU and changes behaviour if needed for the startup process.

How it works

The CRC team created the OKD bundle for 4.11.0-0.okd-2022-07-29-154152 release and pushed it as container image to quay. With the okd preset, the user is now able to run an OKD cluster locally similar to OCP.

$ crc config set preset okd
Changes to configuration property 'preset' are only applied when the CRC instance is created.
If you already have a running CRC instance with different preset, then for this configuration change to take effect, delete the CRC instance with 'crc delete', setup it with `crc setup` and start it with 'crc start'.

$ crc config view
- consent-telemetry                     : yes
- preset                                : okd

$ crc setup
INFO Checking if /Users/prkumar/.crc/cache/crc_okd_vfkit_4.11.0-0.okd-2022-07-29-154152_arm64.crcbundle exists
INFO Getting bundle for the CRC executable
INFO Downloading crc_okd_vfkit_4.11.0-0.okd-2022-07-29-154152_arm64.crcbundle

$ crc start

Where we’re at

  • Update the CRC related pages on OKD
  • Put CI in place to create OKD bundles for each release and upload it to quay.
  • Coordinate with OKD community to interact with users.

As usual, we’d like to get as much feedback as possible on all this work!