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CRC brings a minimal OpenShift Container Platform 4 cluster and Podman container runtime to your local computer. These runtimes provide minimal environments for development and testing purposes. CRC is mainly targeted at running on developers’ desktops. For other OpenShift Container Platform use cases, such as headless or multi-developer setups, use the full OpenShift installer.

See the OpenShift documentation for a full introduction to OpenShift Container Platform.

CRC includes the crc command-line interface (CLI) to interact with the CRC instance using the desired container runtime.

Learn more and contribute on GitHub.

Recent blog posts

Introducing MicroShift preset for CRC

Are you a developer who wants to use OpenShift Kubernetes Engine but doesn’t have a powerful system? Or do you need to deploy to a small form factor or edge computing environment? If so, you’ll be happy to hear about our new MicroShift preset, a lightweight version of OpenShift Kubernetes Engine that’s optimized for resource-limited environments. The OpenShift preset currently provided by CRC requires 9GB of RAM and 4 CPUs. With the release of CRC 2.

Different bundle types option in crc

CRC provides a config option called bundle to configure the location of the bundle, until 2.9 release of CRC the bundle option could only accept local filesystem path which meant users needed to download the bundle in advance before consuming it. The move to a container registry for hosting the okd and podman bundles, introduces another step in the process as bundles are now generated as an OCI container image and the *.

Running OKD with CRC

It has been long time since CRC with an updated OKD bundle was released. Last release was 1.x and not updated since then. During our 2.x development cycle, we made effort on CRC’s side to decouple the bundles from the release artifacts. It allows us to create the bundle independently of the release and upload it to separate location. Another change we made during 2.x is to add support for presets and from starting we are supporting podman and openshift preset with openshift as default.

Running ocp on M1 machines

With the release of CRC 2.4.1 it was possible to run on Apple’s latest offering of M1-based machines. However, the support was limited to podman preset. Numerous times we received requests if it would be possible to instead offer an OpenShift that would run on these machines. This has changed with the recently released crc 2.7.1. This blog post will describe the challenges we had to overcome when we decided to add that support.

Running crc on M1 machines

Since its initial release, CRC has been running on macOS as well as on Windows and Linux. However macOS support was limited to Apple machines with an Intel CPUs until recently. With Apple’s ongoing switch to aarch64 M1 CPUs, we’ve been asked numerous times when CRC would get M1 support. This has changed with the recently released crc 2.4.1. This blog post will describe the challenges we had to overcome when we decided to add that support.